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Julena Breel

Registered Psychotherapist
Individual Therapist (18+)

Languages Spoken: English

Areas of Focus:

  • Grief, loss, death

  • Relationships (patterns, tensions, ruptures)

  • Open/polyamorous dynamics

  • Family systems

  • Parenthood (infertility, pregnancy, loss)

  • Life transitions

  • Belonging

  • Shame

  • Trauma (situational, complex, intergenerational)

  • Boundaries

  • Childhood

  • Attachment

  • Ruptures of trust (e.g. infidelity)

Current Availability: Not Accepting New Clients

My Approach

I believe I have been pointing towards therapeutic work throughout my life. Witnessing and supporting others through difficult experiences, particularly when pain, anguish, and sorrow are present, has always felt like a natural fit for me. These seasons of our lives can feel isolating and disorienting and my work attempts to soften those edges by creating space safe enough to experience and make sense of overwhelming emotions in manageable ways.


Therapy is personal and meaningful work. Being entrusted to know the nuances and complexities that make someone who they are is a gift I hold with tremendous care and respect. Our work together will be intentional and oriented towards the specific concerns, tensions, ruptures, or losses in your present life. Through identifying, unpacking, and processing your unique patterns, needs, and beliefs we will gain a deeper understanding of your internal world and the areas you wish to see changes in. I am also attuned to the ways systemic structures, environments, and family webs (present and ancestral) can shape the stories we carry about ourselves and others. Together we can work to illuminate the unique ways you have creatively managed survival while also envisioning and moving towards more ease and emotional balance in your life.


I am a white settler of Dutch and Irish descent and I exist in spaces with cis-hetero, able-bodied, thin, and neuro-typical privileges. My therapeutic approach is based in working from a feminist perspective, blending together attachment, narrative, and expressive theories. I strive to create affirming therapeutic experiences that are non-judgemental and non-pathologizing; therapy that is collaborative and grounded in consent, choice, and autonomy. All of you is welcome here.

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