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Registered Psychotherapist
Individuals, Couples, and Families (17+)

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Areas of Focus:

  • Relationship challenges & transitions

  • Pre-marital counselling

  • Co-dependency

  • Attachment

  • Childhood emotional neglect

  • Interpersonal boundaries & communication

  • Infidelity & other major breaches of trust

  • Identity (LGBTQ2S+, race and culture, gender, religion, etc.)

  • Ethical non-monogamy & polyamory

  • Emotion regulation

  • Sex & intimacy

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Working w/ other health care professionals

Current Availability: Waitlist, July 2024

Victoria Muñoz 

My Approach

I value being a compassionate post-modern and systemic therapist who creates a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients to explore and address various concerns. With a focus on building a strong therapeutic relationship, I prioritize ensuring that clients feel understood, valued, and supported throughout their journey.

I draw from post-modern and systemic principles, acknowledging the impact of sociocultural contexts and personal histories on individuals. Through collaborative efforts, clients gain agency and discover healing and meaning in their experiences and relationships.

Areas of Expertise:


I specialize in assisting clients with emotional regulation, trauma recovery, relationship configurations (including open dynamics and polyamory), trust building after ruptures (e.g. infidelity), grief processing, communication skills, sexual orientation and gender identity, and self-compassion.

Holistic Approach:


Using a blend of cognitive and experiential techniques, I offer a comprehensive therapeutic experience. Clients receive personalized guidance and support, whether they prefer structured sessions or a more flexible approach, tailored to their unique goals and needs.

Client-Centered Care:


I am committed to empowering clients to navigate life's challenges and transitions. By fostering a sense of empowerment and self-discovery, I aim for my clients to achieve personal growth, emotional resilience, and deeper insights into themselves and their relationships.

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